Art has always been my passion. I knew from a very early age art was going to be the Most sifnificant in my life. It takes practice and patience, to be a full time artist and I am finally able to devote as much as possible to my studio work.

In the seventies I started going to the art academy of Antwerp Belgium, at that moment KASKA (royal academy of fine arts in Antwerp) and stayed 10 years. I loved those years, so after many years working in and around art, making a living as a graphic designer, illustrator, I was then already looking for the bounderies of oil paint. For myself, I love first of all the smell of the paint and love the way the brush smoothly touches the surface of the panel.

I want to take the object out of his usual environment and put it in a new one, as if I can deside how it has to live or die, at that time I control his life.

For me the object becomes an individual who in a group, the group as a social family, is much more powerfull than standing alone. This is why I always work in series and I call my work families: my settings / associations / stones / connexa / silent/ stagione morta / BOX / they are all moments of balance where the structure of the surface is for everything different, and the most important. IDENTITY.

Therefore, I have to reflect everything differently and the best possible. My way of working is to display the caracter of the object as faithfully as possible.

I prefer working with things lived, used, rusted, broken, since it’s these things that makes the greatest challenge. A broken piece of glass, old paint, photographs. These things painted correctly gives them a new life, a dimension more often.

Beauty is hidden in everything, you only have to see it. So if I can seduce the viewer, is this not the intention of making art? The audience provided that he or she takes the time to stand still.